Fun Gunz

Borderlands promised a loot system with thousands of guns. Desolation and Desperados promises you tens of thousands, because we’re gonna add that post-apocalyptic psycho tinker flavor to the randomizer. Yes, many of them will be flintlocks made of hawkoid femur bones, duct tape and mutant spit—but wild variations on the theme of Boom Stick we will have.

Such wondrous variety! Hand cannon that shoots live piranhas? Yes! Thompson with a 500 bullet drum! Well, it weighs 80 pounds, but—yes! Psi Gloves that concentrate and direct hatred? Oh yeah. We’ve got it all.

Guns Are People Too
We’ll describe each Gun through the standard set of six characteristics common to all Gamma World/Mutant Future characters: STR DEX CON, INT WIL CHA. We’ll add to that familiar group a few more characteristics: Tech Level, Energy Source, and Mode of Use (1H, 2H, harness-mounted, shoulder-mounted, etc).

STR describes the gun’s damage: 1d6 per point.

DEX contributes to its rate of fire: DEX modified by CON and INT.

CON describes the gun’s size and weight. High CON contributes to damage but reduces rate of fire, low CON reduces damage but increases rate of fire.

INT describes the gun’s Short range: 10’ per point. Medium and Long ranges are arrived at by doubling and tripling the Short range, respectively.

WIL describes the gun’s accuracy: low WIL allows the gun to hit multiple targets, but spreads the gun’s damage between targets (shotgun); high WIL describes a gun that amplifies its damage to just one target (sniper rifle).

CHA tells us how well the gun was made—ranging from shitty to jaw-dropping. A low CHA will contribute to the bad side effects that accompany poor construction—misfires, explosions, that sort of thing. A high CHA will indicate levels of awesomeness, giving bonuses to hit, to damage, that sort of thing.

Tech Level suggests the gun’s technical sophication, and affects the gun’s stats: Low level guns are bigger and heavier (higher CON), have a lower range (cap on INT), and are generally less accurate (cap on WIL). High tech guns add bonuses to damage (STR) and range (INT).

Energy Source is a way to add any sci-fi or fantasy flavor desired to the firearms that salt your Gamma World. Dark energy, warp field energy, lazers, mazers, eldritch goo, etc. We’ll have to have a table for this.

Mode of Use will be a table allowing random generation of weird weapons, such as a bluetooth earpiece controller connected to a fanny pack power source and a nasal firing mechanism, or a very large headdress/flamethrower, on top of the standard pistol, rifle, or LMG fare.

Fun Gunz

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