Concept: Loa and Cheval

Death is no barrier in the Mutant Future, when nanite AI drift from mutant to mutant.
Slime Pits
Mutants are born in the Slime Pits, bubbling cauldrons of nanites, toxic waste and rogue DNA. These Pits dot the landscape, and belch forth mutants at random intervals, with some Pits being abnormally productive and some generally quiescent. Mutants birthed into this ruined landscape wander aimlessly, gibbering and drooling, living nasty, short and brutish lives until touched by the Stroke of an AI.

Players are artificial intelligences who have enough processing resources to possess one mutant at a time. These AI’s call themselves Loa, after the spirit/gods of vodun (and as a nod to Neuromancer). The AI’s are damaged, and have lost track of who and what they were. Knowledge gained by the AI’s Cheval is retained, and anything the Loa can accomplish through its Cheval, of course, remains as well.

Players, therefore, have little need to worry about the survival of their current Cheval, as they are ubiquitous and replaceable. Players have missions which require them: figure out what happened. Gather resources. Protect your base. Make alliances with the other players, or assault them. Survive in your current body long enough to do the aforementioned.

Drawbacks to Cheval death:
Chevals take time to configure once possessed.
INT, WIL and CHA: each characteristic temporarily loses 1d6-6 points upon being possessed by a Loa. Chevals regain 1 point of each characteristic per hour until the Cheval’s rolled maximum is attained.
Cheval shelf-life: without resources, Chevals self-destruct within 20 rounds of awakening.

Elixir: allows Cheval to last another 1 round per dose discovered
Code Strings
Flesh, Bone and Sinew
Attachments: cybernetic objects that add Mutant Powers
Mutagens: gases, objects, etc that give random Mutation rolls, ie including deformities
Anti-personnel devices: turrets, mines, etc for base protection

Rad Craters:
places where mutations are given freely; act as geographic resources for altering your Cheval

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